#Awakening is our social arm making local photojournalism accessible to a wider audience, sticking big news pictures on the walls.



Taking inspiration from #Dysturb we aim to focus mainly on local social news.

#Awakening is the latest step in a movement that has seen photographers often excluded from traditional publishing avenues.

With the popularity of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we like to build our own audience, free of any editorial and commercial control.

We would like to “wake up” passers by showcasing news in large formats, exhibiting our work freely on the walls in the streets

We aim to “wake up” the creativity and the social side of the photographers bringing back documentary photography to its activism roots.

We are driven by the desire to make the “real” information of an image freely accessible through the occupation of urban spaces.

Our Philosophy:

  • We defend an editorial line free of commercial influence.
  • We are committed not to damage public spaces by using water based adhesive.
  • We focus on local and social stories to increase awareness.


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